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Confined Space Program

Our members are trained and experienced rescue firemen. Working on Squad 4 for the City of Atlanta Fire-Rescue Department, our team members have responded to such incidents as the Bremen Hotel explosion and collapse, the downtown Atlanta tornado, the Peachtree Street scaffolding rescue, the Bank of America scaffolding rescue, the Bolton Road Water Treatment Facility recovery, and numerous other technical rescue incidents. We use this “real world” expertise to develop programs designed to maximize the safety of your employees.


Our Confined Space Program manages all aspects of permit-required confined spaces for your employees. This oversight will ensure your company’s compliance with OSHA and the EPA, while providing the safest environment for your employees while working in confined spaces.


With experience comes knowledge. Our team members have made hundreds of entries into confined spaces and are very perceptive to the hazards of these spaces. This experience allows our team members to identify a possible problem before it causes harm to your employees.


Additionally, our team members are constantly researching and training on new and improved equipment, methods and tactics. This dedication ensures professional competence and efficiency when working on site. Whether we are working with our equipment, or utilizing yours, you can rest assured that there is no “learning curve” while our team members are present. We come prepared to act.

Confined Space Stand-by Rescue Teams

 This program provides an OSHA compliant rescue team ensuring safety for your employees. Meeting all applicable codes, standards, and regulations, we will stage a 3-man rescue team outside the opening of a “permit required” confined space prior to entry and remain in place until the termination of the work being performed. We will perform the following measures to ensure your team’s safety:


  • Preliminary “risk assessment” of the space
  • Completion of all required documentation including but not limited to entry preplan, permit, atmospheric monitoring log, and hot work permit (if applicable)
  • Notification with the local fire department and emergency medical services that confined space will be taking place and rescue services will be onsite
  • Initial and continuous atmospheric monitoring
  • Positive pressure ventilation
  • Supplemental emergency Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
  • Retrieval systems and patient packaging equipment
  • Back up radio communications
  • Emergency evacuation procedures

Confined Space Training Programs

 The following courses are available to be delivered at the client’s facility:


8 Hour “Authorized Entrant”

4 Hour “Attendant”

4 Hour “Entry Supervisor”

40 Hour “Rescue Team Member”

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